Wide Flange Beam

Wide Flange Beams
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Welcome to Farwest Steel’s new full-line Wide Flange Beam product page.

Farwest Steel now stocks a complete inventory of Wide Flange Beam…as small as W4 x 13 up to the W36 profiles…and all sizes in between, including the 10”, 12” and 14” column sizes.  Whether your requirement is one piece, a truckload or the material to build your city’s next high-rise, Farwest can meet your need.  Farwest also has the ability to quickly process your base plates, connection plates, and gusset plates to support your project as well as the capability to provide all other steel products for your job.

Our common inventory lengths are 20’ thru 60’ in standard 5’ incremental lengths, with some sizes inventoried in 65’ lengths.  Specific lengths can be saw-cut to your specifications.  Longer lengths and non-stock sizes can always be sourced through Farwest’s vast network of producing mills, both domestic and off-shore.