Carbon & Mild

Farwest invests in an extensive A36/A709 and ABS inventory that meets domestic requirements. Domestic stock is available.

Farwest understands that general grade specifications can be too broad for some plate specificaitons. From silicon restrictions to charpy tested material, if Farwest is not stocking the product you are looking for, then we can competitively source it.


Farwest is proud to carry an ABS inventory ranging from 3/16″ to 1″ thick primarily in widths of 96″ to 120″ wide in lengths of 480″ long. Farwest inventories grade A and B and will source AH and DH upon request. Farwest will coordinate priming ABS plate to your specifications prior to distribution or processing. Minimum yield for grade A over 1″ is 32 KSI. Maximum carbon content of 0.26 is acceptable for grade A equal to or less than 1/2″. Grade A plates over 1/2″ shall have a minimum manganese content of not less than 2.5 times the carbon content.

Yield KSI34
Tensile KSI58 - 71
C - Carbon0.23
S - Sulphur0.05
Si - Silicon0.05

A36 / A709

Farwest is proud to carry an A36/709 inventory ranging from 3/16″ to 12″ thick in widths of 48″ to 120″ wide. Standard lengths of 96, 120, 144, 240, and 480 are inventoried for many stocking thicknesses, and can be sourced or processed to any desired length. Farwest minimizes waste by processing A36/709 3/16″ to 1/2″ coil 48″ to 96″ wide material to any length using Farwest’s state-of-the-art Bradbury cut-to-length line.

Yield KSI36
Tensile KSI58 - 80
Elongation % in 2"23 Min
C - Carbon0.25
P - Phosphorus0.04
S - Sulphur0.05
Si - Silicon0.4
Cu - Copper0.2

Physical and chemical properties are provided for a quick reference only. Please refer to the specification publisher for official physical and mechanical properties. ASTM specifications can be found here.

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