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Flat and Raised Expanded Metal and Grating Products can be ordered in custom sizes.

Flat and Raised Expanded Metal and Grating products can be sheared to meet your projects requirements.


Farwest carries a Grating inventory range of 3 to 5 lb. with diamonds running either shortway for catwalks or diamonds running long way when running the length of the sheet. Widths are carried in 48″, 60″, and 72″ with lengths available in 96″ and 120″.

Yield KSI30 - 50
Elongation % in 2"25
C - Carbon0.02 - 0.17
Mn - Manganese0.6
P - Phosphorus0.03
S - Sulphur0.035
Cu - Copper0.2
Ni - Nickel0.2
V - Vanadium0.008
Cb - Columbium0.008
Cr - Chromium0.15
Mo - Molybdenum0.06
Ti - Titanium0.025

Physical and chemical properties are provided for a quick reference only. Please refer to the specification publisher for official physical and mechanical properties. ASTM specifications can be found here.

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